October 15th, 2011

Introducing “Operation: Decoration”

Belvoir Edition

We are passionate about designing special spaces for babies and kids, but it is especially gratifying to create rooms for young children who face challenges other kids don’t and whose parents can be far away as they work hard to protect America. So we’re kicking off a new series at Finnian’s Moon Interiors — Operation: Decoration. We’ve selected a deserving military family (well, aren’t they all?) living on post at Fort Belvoir, Virginia and we will provide everything needed to make dream bedrooms for their kids — from needs assessment to design concept to furniture, window treatments, decorations  — all at no cost to the family.

Military kids face challenges that other kids don’t. At any time, mom or dad could be deployed for months. And just when they are settling into a new community, it can be time to move again. We’ll keep these challenges in mind as we design. We will suggest as many items as possible that can be easily moved, so that when the family is stationed someplace else, mom and dad can quickly and easily adapt the design to make everyone feel right at home.

Over the next few weeks, we will meet with Izzy, Army wife and mom to preschooler R. Izzy is expecting baby number two in January. Our mission: create rooms for R and her little sister.

We’ll keep you in the loop for the whole process, from the initial consultation where we learn about the family’s needs, to our inspiration, to the selection process to the final install.

Belvoir means “beautiful to see.” We hope that through Operation: Decoration, we will help Izzy’s girls have a beautiful rooms to call their own, wherever dad’s duty takes them.



Next in Operation: Decoration

Our first meeting with Izzy…



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  1. Michele Crutchfield says:

    Nancy, you are amazing.

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