October 1st, 2011

Inspiration: The Sock Monkey Series

Too often, people stumble into a baby big box store and think, hmm, ok, character, themes, pink, blue, I guess this is what a kid’s room is supposed to look like. But the truth is that your child’s room can – and should – be so much more. It should be a special place that speaks to home. When designing a nursery, the first thing I ask clients is what they want it to feel like, what is their inspiration?

The other day I came across a sock monkey. Totally cute. Timeless, really.  I thought how such a simple item with universal appeal could be interpreted in so many fun ways. Really, just by changing the fabrics, even within the same color story, you can create a wide range of rooms.  From traditional to modern, from cottage-y to sophisticated, even with the same crib, chair, ottoman and paint colors, by selecting fabrics that speak to you, you capture the essence of your inspiration yet make it totally yours.

Take this cute guy:

With these paints…

And see what different stories the fabrics evoke:


Traditional boy

I see this in a brick, center-hall colonial with ivy growing on the sides. I love the cozy chenille with the weighty linen.

Neo-trad girl

Love the earthy tones combined with the super-textured fabrics. Animal prints are so fun and really can read as a neutral when balanced with appropriately sized motifs, like the floral here.

Modern preppy

The velvet stripe becomes playful when partnered with the subtle paisley and sophisticated geometric. Something about this set reminds me of like the coolest college dorm ever. Maybe Oxford. Or at least how Hollywood would show it.


Classic calm

So no red here in the fabrics, but don’t forget we have the wall paint for that. This palette would be great for a boy or a girl, or for boy-girl twins.


Modern, Bold Geomterics

I’m in love with this red floral. So crisp and fun, and partnering it with the geometrics keeps it from looking too kitchen-y. I’d keep the walls in the neutral side of the paint palette. Red walls would be way, way too much.


Glam (with an edge)

So not for every client, but for the right house — think Hollywood regency meets industrial chic — these super-statement swatches would be right at home. Again, no red in this  family. The fabrics are enough.


Sophisticated Country

And for the total opposite of the above, this sweet set is timeless. The gingham stays fresh with the strie-like look in the cream linen. I picture a river house. With a sprawling porch. And a tire swing.


Totally fun, huh? Pretty diverse looks for our little sock monkey friend.


What’s inspired you?






2 Responses to Inspiration: The Sock Monkey Series

  1. jabart says:

    Makes total sense. I love the monkey pallette.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness! So many possibilities! I love how you’ve gathered fabrics together for such different “looks”, all starting with the sock monkey. Brilliant!

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