October 11th, 2012

Washington Post Kid’s Room Contest


As you may have read in today’s Local Living section, Nancy is a judge in this year’s Washington Post Kid’s Room Contest. Last week she met with the section editor Liz Seymour and writer Jura Koncius (fun side note: apparently the Post offices are just like the news rooms you see in TV and movies) to pour through dozens of submissions and select six of the best kid’s rooms in the Washington, DC area.




The winner will be decided by reader votes, so now it’s your turn to judge. You can see the finalists here.

If you want to see additional angles of the rooms (and you should — some really creative elements aren’t captured with just one photo), you can click here to check out the submissions.

Nancy has TONS of thoughts on the finalists — why they were chosen, which design elements work, what she would have tweaked — and will spill next week during a live chat at the Post. More on that later…

So, which is your favorite room?




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