April 13th, 2012

Live from the DC Design House

All for a great cause, right?

VERY nerve-wracking to be on live TV, but super-excited to have been able to show our room off this morning on DC’s FOX 5 news.

Plus, with all proceeds going to Children’s National Medical Center, I’m more than happy to help encourage people to visit the DC Design House. Only $20, and I promise you will discover some really great design ideas.

Hope to see you!

Holly Morris – 2012 D.C. Design House: MyFoxDC.com



2 Responses to Live from the DC Design House

  1. You’re room is terrific. I plan to post about it later this week but just wanted to say I enjoyed meeting you. Hope the opening weekend was a success.

  2. Cahya says:

    I have already chekced out her website before and I am blown away by her work and yours. The way you all did the layout really shows that she can come up with a color and pattern story that is totally unique. Love!-e (modern24/7)

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