September 1st, 2011

Back to School. In Style.

Time to get all of the boys ready for school (and one off to college — wow), so I started thinking about school supplies, which led me to think about homework spaces…which of course made me start thinking about stylish homework spaces.

Let’s make a work space for this room that I love, designed for the daughter of a client.



For the desk, let’s keep it simple. I like for the simple lines of a white parsons desk echos the window seat.

Now, just like the pillows in the window seat bench make it a warm, welcoming nook, let’s find some accessories that would woo you to the work space.

First, a nice customizable lucite tray to catch clutter and hold school supplies:



Then some fun accessories that are functional and add color. Love the Kate Spade iPhone case. Fresh flowers make a happier environment, and the julep cup doubles as a chic pen and pencil holder when flowers aren’t on hand.



And even with all of the gadgets, it’s still nice to have paper handy for note-taking and to-do lists. This popsicle will be extra cheery in the dreary months of winter.

Should make studying at least slightly more enjoyable.



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